Monday, 11 April 2016

15 TO GO

Every time I walk past this house in De Beauvoir, Islington, I wish I lived there...:


The spaces between your fingers were meant to be filled with mine:

denim jeans:

Denim and beige.:


Dream ring: 2 carat oval set in a rose gold, thin, diamond band. Lovely, delicate & perfect.:



Decorating With Pantone's Color of the Year Part I: Rose Quartz:

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Isabel Marant spring 2014:

With all my heart** but I don't think you really love me ,you leave me here alone to deal with all this on my own , I just can't take it any more been here alone is awful , but you think it's ok ,nobody ever puts me first and truth be told I'm sick of it xx I love you that will never change ,but I can't do this anymore I'm human and need real human contract x:

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All Gray Coat:


good deed!:


neon love letters.:

CRYSTALS EVERY FRIDAY IN APRIL. Beginning Friday, April 1st, it is Crystal Day on the Magnets Board. Please share 3 crystals that you love, descriptions, spiritual qualities, anything and everything about the crystal. Can't wait to share with all of you. Blessings: